Literacy is Not Enough

At the recent annual Hawker Brownlow Thinking and Learning conference in Melbourne we have been listening to experts present on not only thinking and learning but leadership, assessment, and strategies to engage students.

There were many wonderful presenters,  but the stand out presenter of the conference would have to be Lee Crockett

His visionary thinking on 21st century learning environments challenged educators to ask these questions...

* what this is going to look like for the students of the future?

* how do we teach 21st century skills to the students ?

Lee’s presentation style is passionate and engaging.

Here's what he has to say about the 21st century fluencies.

Read more about these fluencies in his new book "Literacy is Not Enough".

Learning Network NZ is thrilled to have Lee present  at our “Cultivating 21st Century Fluencies”  conference on 2/3 July 2012 where he will share 21st century skills that will help students be successful learners for the future.

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