How green is your teaching thumb?

The dust is settling after our mid-year 'Cultivating the 21st Century Fluencies' Conference, so I wanted to share a few of the nuggets we picked up from our great presenters.

Lee Crockett opened the conference with 'Literacy is not enough', and reminded us that today's workforce is made up primarily of creative jobs - most traditional white-collar jobs can now be outsourced or computerised.  So cultivating creativity in our students is key; there was standing-room only at his creativity workshop!  Lee also stressed the importance of multi-sensory learning experiences for our young learners. Lee is back for a two-day institute in 2013 - check it out here.

Tony Ryan shared his thoughts on 'The Art of the Extraordinary', inviting us to push beyond our comfort zones and stretch our limits.  If you knew you couldn't fail, how much closer to the edge would you work at?  Tony's strong sense of social justice always shines through and reminds us that, as teachers, you really can make a difference.  He challenged us to 'write our own eulogy - and then live it'.  That's a sure fire way to aim for the best!

Kath Murdoch explored curiosity - what is it, why is it so important and how can we cultivate it in our students?  She shared some cool websites including wonderopolis (they send you a daily wondering) and The Literacy Shed (plus lots of other sheds!) - great collections of resources, blogs and links. Also, check out Kath's recent blog post on Inquire Within.

As well as these great keynote speakers there were over 40 workshops spanning e-learning, literacy, maths, thinking and more - all with a focus on preparing students for life, study and work in the 21st century. Delegates went digital, accessing notes and presentations via QR codes (see picture).

See you all next year for 'It's a Learners' World: Mapping a new Landscape' on 25 & 26 July 2013.  Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Lee Crockett and Joan Dalton are all confirmed plus many more to be added.

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