Our blog's back!

Ok, so I know our blog has been quiet (too quiet) over the past few months – but hey, I’m the new girl here and it’s taken me awhile to get my head around what Learning Network NZ is all about. Now that I have (and while it’s still fresh and new), here are a few things I’d like to share...

Did you know that Learning Network NZ is a not-for-profit organisation? Seriously! It’s not about the money, it’s about the love. Clearly we have to remain profitable in order to continue to offer our excellent professional learning, support and networking services to you all... but in the end, our bottom line is about giving back, rather than raking it in. Cool!

Also, did you know that Learning Network NZ has been around for 20 years now? Apparently (as the story goes) back in 1992 a group of passionate, very committed Principals got together and decided they wanted to establish an organisation that would provide quality professional learning support and networking opportunities for educators in the West Auckland region.

That’s exactly what they did – and as a result, from humble beginnings (working out of a pre-fab classroom at the back of New Lynn Primary School as the ‘West Auckland Education Centre’) an institution was born.  Not only has Learning Network NZ changed location a few times and rebranded, it’s also grown and developed over the years, responding to the evolving needs of the wider educational community, and moving on from one-off isolated courses to more in-depth support nationwide. Our services and our relationships and networks with local, national and international educators have gone from strength to strength, and today we’re seen as one of the most innovative and trusted providers of professional learning in New Zealand.

(Personally I am quite taken with this ‘little history’ - I love the fact that things have changed HUGELY over the years, yet the fundamental reason for LNNZ’s being remains the same.)

Lastly, did you know that the team here at Learning Network NZ is awesome?  I have to say it’s great to be working with such a smart, up-beat, humorous, thoughtful and caring group of people. With the amount of work that gets done you’d think there were 50 busy bods running the place, not just five.

Keep an eye out for more musings coming your way soon. I promise (now I'm in the swing of things) I'll not leave it as long before the next one! - Danielle
(PS: I also promise I'll work out how to embed a picture or two, to make it more interesting...)