Teaching for Intelligent Mindsets

Teaching for Intelligent Mindsets

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The above slide show was put together following this educators experience when Carol Dweck 'Chicken'ed to NZ. It has without a doubt been the highlight of the year and many amazing memories - life-changing and otherwise resonate from her visit. One big question I would like to explore further is "are we failing students?" Knowing what we now know about learning, brain development and best practice are we still readying students for the world lacking resilience and real life skills?

 Big messages from the symposium:
1. You never see an unmotivated baby!
2. Want turns students into non-learners? A non-learner mindset: If I do nothing I can't make a mistake.
3. Carol's research evidences how we give praise makes a big difference.
4. Praise: The struggle, the strategies and choices, learning from previous attempts, the problem solving, the improvement in learning.
5. Don't Praise: outcome - you're so smart you did that quickly and easily sends the message "unless I do well I'm not good enough".
6. A growth mindset builds resilience.
7. They haven't learned it YET! Watch Carol's TEDTalk
8. We have no idea what ANY of our students are capable of!!!!!!

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