Book review of "The Beautiful Risk of Education"

One of the things I have said I will do over the last two years is write a blog - don't know why I decided to do that. I think it was one of those things "that sounded good in my head"....anyway the other thing I did was tell Faye and of course the pressure has now been applied (ever so nicely!!!!) to put  my words into action. 

So here is the first Learning Network NZ resources orientated blog hopefully the first of many ( but not too many!!).

Some  of the things you will need to know about this blog is that I am NOT AN EDUCATOR - even though I have worked at LNNZ for 10 years this year I do not have an educational background other than my own schooling - which is too many years away to remember!! 

You will also need to know that the books I focus on are just books that some people (maybe even me!!!!) have liked/used/bought/found useful/commented on - they are not endorsed or recommended by LNNZ or even the people that have shared them with us. They are just interesting books.

So the first book is "The Beautiful Risk of Education" by Gert J J Biesta. It was originally bought to my attention by a University Lecturer who was wanting to get her hands on a copy and we were able to source and supply for her, and "it had me at Hello" the first sentence of the description says " is not about filling a bucket but about lighting a fire" 

Here are some book reviews  in particular one from NZ's own  He Kupu with a book review by Chris Naughton from 2013  HERE.

We also this interview with the author on why he wrote the book and what the aim was, from the Philosophy of Education Society of  Great Britain  HERE 

The author has a new book out later in the year "The Rediscovery of Teaching" so maybe we will review that as well