My how things have changed!

Here's something I read in the Ministry of Education's NZ Education System Overview: "All aspects of education in New Zealand have undergone transformation in the past two decades, including the areas of governance, curriculum, assessment, qualifications, and teaching and learning".

That's a power of change. And it got me thinking. Two decades is precisely how long Learning Network NZ has been around. Twenty years as a not-for-profit organisation, and still going strong in what can only be described as a radically different landscape. So what’s the secret to LNNZ’s longevity?

Rummaging through the archives, I can only guess that it’s been a readiness to move with the tide while remaining true to vision - which (more or less) is to provide quality professional development, resources and support to NZ educators nationwide. Interesting that my delve into the history books revealed that the story being told in 1992 is pretty much what we are saying today. Which has sparked an idea; what if we were to round up a few of the ‘originals’ (i.e. the first board and staff members of Learning Network NZ – or WAEC as it was known back then) and see what they have to say? Invite them to do a ‘guest blog’ and turn it into a series for your reading pleasure over the next few months. Could make for fascinating reading (all I have to do is convince them to do it!). I’ll keep you posted on that one... In the meantime, I will leave you with one of our latest ads. This not only provides you with the visual element I promised last time, but also reaffirms my ramblings above.  - Danielle